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I work diligently with all of my puppies, providing them with a great start in life, 
utilizing my experience and expertise and I have reached that goal!
Silver Harbor Havanese are Quality bred, Happy, Healthy, Havanese
Always be sure to check for complaints
 Better Business Bureau www.bbb.org/ 
It's better to wait than to be sorry 

Your $200/$300 deposit reserves the puppy of your choice!

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No Breeders please

My female Havanese

 Family photos

 This is a photo of Louette (Tri-colored white, black and   brown) and of Ida (black, gray and pointed silver creme).
 Both of my girls weigh 10-11 lbs and are in excellent   condition. They are my happy, healthy family pets with good . bites (teeth alignment), and beautiful faces. 
 Notice their plush full coats and of course they have that   wonderful Havanese temperament !

 Please don't become offended as I inquire information from you regarding adopting a Silver Harbor Puppies.
I love these puppies dearly as they are a part of our family.
We celebrated their births and celebrate again as they begin their new life opportunities as well.
We hope you realize you are getting one of the very best puppies available. We have taken extra time and care raising them, feeding them and want the best for them in placement too. ♥  
Thank you for choosing a Silver Harbor Havanese!

A Silver Harbor Havanese Puppy is a Happy Healthy Havanese

Give us a call 269.208.7438

Regarding deposits and holding your puppy :

I do accept verbal requests to hold the puppy of your choice for 72 hours (and longer in some cases)       however if deposit is not received within a reasonable amount of time
I can not hold puppy from other prospective buyers. 
While waiting for the deposit your puppy will be classified as on HOLD until money is received,                            after which your puppy will be marked as RESERVED until they are old enough and able to join your family.

All deposits are $200 minimum and are non refundable.
  Please remember you have chosen a well bred Havanese and are not going to be disappointed. 

Also your puppy is guaranteed!

      Because of color changing and growth I can not guarantee coloring.
All puppies come from AKC registered stock and are sold only as pets.

I welcome all questions and concerns. 

I do not sell to breeders. All Puppies will be sold without registered breeding rights.             

I am  thankful to have blessed my beautiful puppies with very good family homes. 

It has been a pleasure and very rewarding to have seen such happiness and satisfaction on people's faces when they have found their puppy.

Check out our previous shots and poses on our 'Puppies at home with 'new family' tab.

Video is from Past litter in 2013.